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Empowered Parents

Ensuring Children's Educational Success

Understanding that parents want to be knowledgeable, confident, and wise in educating their children at home, I provide:

  • empathetic listening 

  • examination of critical questions & issues 

  • guidance to quality resources 

  • encouragement & collaboration 

1.  Let's talk about and explore homeschooling  options.

2.  Then look at resources and see what fits your needs.

3.  Continue our relationship and build your support community.

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Everything you need to succeed in beginning to teach your children at home

This is a time of uncertainty in our world.  Especially for the health and safety of our children. 
Are you considering homeschooling your children? 
Then you have come to the right place. 
You will find knowledge, resources, and a community that can support you and your family.

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Individual or Group

Do You Have Questions about Homeschooling:



Quality Curriculum?

Child's Needs?

Other issues?

Let's Talk!  We have answers.


Recommended Resources 

Summaries of multitudes of curriculum (free and purchase), books, and programs.

Help finding the right resources to match your wants and needs.



This homeschooling journey need not be done alone.  There are many excellent online groups, community groups, and coop classes that have the same goals as you. 

Connecting with others helps you through the challenges and celebrations.

Please Remember

As you continue your journey of finding the best way to educate your children, Please Remember that YOU are the best teacher for them....


If you want to eat an elephant, you start with one bite at a time. ☺ When you start to make decisions about homeschooling, it can feel...

Where do I start?

So you are thinking of homeschooling your child(ren). Doing research online quickly becomes overwhelming! There are many types of...

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About Me




Experienced Educator (teacher, principal, consultant/coach, dean)

Passionate that education systems change in order that ALL children can excel.

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